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1. Legal information

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2. Supply of downloadable documentation

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3. Intellectual property

This website has been created and developed in cooperation with Antigone.

This website is the exclusive property of Intuity, and the whole of its presentation and contents constitutes a work of the mind whose publisher is the author thereof within the meaning of the French Intellectual Property Code.

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4. Security

Intuity makes its best efforts, in accordance with generally accepted best practices, in order to ensure the security of this website, taking into account the complexity of the Internet. Intuity is not in a position to warrant that the use of this website shall be absolutely secure.

The User represents that he accepts the features and limits of the Internet in this area. The User is, under his sole liability, responsible for taking all appropriate steps to protect his own data and/or software from any contamination possibly resulting from viruses present on the Internet.

As a consequence, Intuity shall not be held liable because of any nuisance or damage inherent in the use of the Internet, such as any interruption of service, external trespassing, presence of IT viruses or any event that could be characterised by courts as an event of force majeure.

5. Liability

The User agrees to use the website, the information and the Documentation to which he may have access through the website solely in accordance with the terms specified by Intuity and set out in these standard terms.

The User agrees not to take any action likely to impair the IT security of this site. The User agrees not to interfere with or interrupt the normal operation of the site.

The User shall hold Intuity and its partners free and harmless against any and all damage suffered because of any complaint, legal action, prosecution or order entered against Intuity or its partners as a result of any compliance with these terms by the User.

6. Governing law

French law shall be applicable.

Any dispute resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the site shall be referred to the French courts of competent jurisdiction.

7. Change to the terms of use

Intuity reserves the right to amend or update these legal mentions at any time and without any prior notice.

It is thus recommended that Users peruse this site regularly.