Electronic communication

INTUITY has a particular expertise in electronic communications and advises its clients in their use of all aspects of electronic media (websites, intervention on social media, partnerships with patients associations or healthcare professionals) or when they wish to see these provisions be respected by other operators (advertising, counterfeiting, selling specialties unauthorized in France…).

The Firm is frequently involved in issues relating to the data protection (clinical trials, patient medical file, Temporary Authorizations for Use, .…).

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Support to healthcare companies in the implementation of their Websites or in the definition of their intervention on social media

  • INTUITY assisted some of its clients in implementing their Websites in compliance with French regulations and self-regulations texts applying to electronic communications and more widely with all issues regarding the national law applicable to online communication.More specifically, the Firm advised worldwide healthcare companies in designing their corporate website and communicate on this website to ensure that the French subsidiary’s liability cannot be questioned neither by competitors nor by French competent authorities.The Firm advised many healthcare firms contemplating to be directly present on social media (Facebook, Twitter, …) or willing to use Web 2.0. tools on their own websites or to build partnerships with patients or healthcare organisations.Since no legal or regulatory provisions specifically apply to such issues and self-regulations texts remain limited, the use of these tools raises important questions regarding the liability of the different stakeholders, but also on the compatibility of some functions with pharmaceutical regulations.

Advice to healthcare companies wishing to protect their e-reputation

  • The Firm assisted these companies in the assessment of their strategy and potential legal risks depending of various solutions to be implemented to protect and/or improve their corporate image or their product’s reputation.

Advice to software providers

  • INTUITY assisted a company providing software solutions to healthcare companies and hospitals in order for them to handle relationships with patients as regards all aspects of personal data issues:
  • nature of the data,
  • identification of the data’s processor,
  • identification of the data’s host and specific requirements imposed to the processing of health personal data.