Product liability

INTUITY usually assists pharmaceutical companies when their products are involved, notably in procedures raised by patients within the context of trials or standard care.

With class-actions on the verge of emerging in the health sector, product liability (mediation, damages compensation, civil and criminal proceedings) is becoming a major stake for the healthcare industry not only from a financial standpoint but also from a reputation perspective with impressive regulatory implications.

Its great reputation leads INTUITY to take part in all major topical cases.

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Cases involving treatment of the Parkinson’s disease

  • INTUITY currently intervenes in an important liability issue involving an international pharmaceutical company for its product intended for the treatment of the Parkinson’s disease, which side effects can notably lead to compulsive gambling behaviors and/or hyper sexuality.

The Firm assists several pharmaceutical companies providing 3rd and 4th generation contraceptive pills

  • INTUITY also assists some pharmaceutical companies marketing 3rd and 4th generation contraceptive pills currently raised by women claiming having used their products. The Firm’s action covers quite a broad legal spectrum : not only does the Firm advises its clients on the criminal aspects of the procedures, but also on the regulatory issues caused by the new requirements set by the competent authorities.

Assistance to a product recalland crisis managment

  • Our Firm assisted one of its clients who was led to carry out a recall in a crisis situation. The Firm advised the client on the regulatory and potential liabilities issues at stake.

Assistance to blood thinner manufacturer

  • The Firm assists one of its client’s facing claims based on the grounds that one of its major medicines would have caused death of some patients who were treated notably with this medicine. INTUITY supports its client in its relationships with patients, healthcare authorities, criminal judges and damages proceedings.