Competition and Distribution

INTUITY has developed a comprehensive expertise as regards the rules applicable to relations between suppliers and distributors, and trade policy. In particular a thorough knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and specific provisions governing it, the Firm assists many pharmaceutical companies, in human health, veterinary sector and medical devices, in the implementation of distribution networks as well as the development of single conventions.

Up to date as regards all changes, INTUITY supports its clients in adapting to legislative and regulatory changes.

Thus, the adoption of the Hamon Law requires professionals to review their terms and conditions or “single conventions” to adapt them to new requirements (transmission before December 1, solutions to adjust prices during the year, recurring billing and payment delays , …) and also take into account the evolution of the pharmacists’ remuneration.

In the animal health sector, the law on the future of agriculture, food and forestry, adopted on 11 September 2014, also implies significant changes for the manufacturers, since the discounts and any form of rebate or benefit related to antibiotics are now prohibited.

Contacts :

Christophe Hénin :


  • Development and management of several supply chain management schemesWith its experience of more than ten years in this field, INTUITY accompanied a pharmaceutical company which markets pharmaceuticals products that are particularly sensitive, considering their nature and their consequences for public health, in terms of potential supply difficulties throughout the national territory.
  • Assistance to several international pharmaceutical companies in the definition of their commercial strategy vis-à-vis wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitalsINTUITY regularly advises its clients in the definition of their strategy toward their customers of the private or public sector: global offers, pricing of their products, services they provide to their customers in addition to the sale of their products, in particular the hospitals.
  • Implementation of selective distribution networksINTUITY recently advised a supplier in the implementation of his selective distribution network in accordance with the Community rules on vertical restraints (definition of product-specific criteria, drafting of commercial documents and assessment documents, customer relationship management, analysis of the possibility to prohibit distribution through Internet).
  • Assistance to an international originator company to adapt its commercial strategy while facing several generics entriesThe Firm assists the French subsidiary of one of the major international originator companies in the restructuring of its commercial policy in the perspective of the entry of generics of several of its major products.INTUITY advised the originator company in order to redesign its commercial offers and policy and adjust its strategy and pricing in compliance with competition law.